Why is the Moomin’s Day mug on sale for only one day, 9 August 2018?

The ninth of August is Tove Jansson’s birthday, and has been the official Moomin’s Day since 2004. The day was chosen to remind people of the origins of the Moomins. Tove Jansson has done something remarkable in creating the Moomins and the stories around their lives. Her work is dear to many Finns, and she has fans all around the world. The Moomins have become an international phenomenon.

Is it possible to reserve mugs in advance?

This mug is sold only on the 9th of August, and to guarantee a fair possibility for everyone to buy, we unfortunately do not allow booking any amounts in advance.

Where will the mugs be sold?

The mugs will be available at this Arabiastore webshop and from all Iittala shops. In addition, they will also be on sale at Moomin.com and the special Moomin shops.

When does the sale begin?

Sales will start in web shop and selected physical shops at the stroke of midnight on 9 August. The Iittala shop in the Kamppi shopping centre, downtown Helsinki, will open at exactly midnight. The rest of the mall will be closed then, but there will be a direct route inside the centre to the shop from Narinkkatori, the square to the north-east of the mall building. The Moomin Shop in the Forum centre on Mannerheimintie will also open at midnight, and there will a special way to access that shop as well.  

How much is the mug?
The mug will cost €29.90 and will be packed into a gift box that makes it unique. The box will also show the illustration on the mug.  

How many mugs can you buy at a time?

One person may buy a maximum of 6 mugs at one time. This limit is to allow as many people as possible to be able to purchase the mug.

Can the mugs run out during the day, e.g. in a certain shop or city?

The mugs will be available until stocks run out or the day ends. It is quite likely that the mugs will run out during the day in different locations. In Finland, there’s an app that shows real-time availability. The mugs can’t be ordered or reserved in advance.

What happens to the mugs that are left over at the end of the day?

If any mugs are still in stock when the sale ends, they will be donated to charity or given as special company gifts. However, they will not be made available new from any retail shops again.

Where were the mugs manufactured?

Like all other Moomin by Arabia products, the Moomin’s Day mug has gone through many significant phases in Finland: design, sale, marketing and logistics. These products are manufactured together with partners in different locations around the world. The Moomin’s Day mug is made in Thailand and the country of origin is marked on the product label.

Which countries sell the mug?

It will be available from Iittala and Moomin web shops and is delivered to different countries based on the terms and conditions. The only brick-and-mortar shops to carry the mug will be in Finland and Sweden.

What’s the story behind the mug illustration?

Drawn in 1955, the illustration on the mug was first published in a London newspaper. Moomintroll and Moominmamma have hiked to the highest point on an island close to Moominvalley to view the beautiful sunset. Moomintroll snuggles up to Moominmamma’s side and pushes his nose onto her silky snout. It’s very quiet, and there’s just the two of them – it feels good. This is their chance to have some calm, relaxing time together, away from their busy family life. The touching image describes Tove Jansson’s unique relationship with her own mother. The island in the drawing is near Tove’s summer retreat, where she spent many unforgettable days. Tove Jansson’s love of the sea and nature has always been a part of her stories and illustrations.